And the Answer Is…..


by Jack C. Corcoran

I was walking around my small apartment, looking for something to do, when I noticed the magazine on the shelf among my collection of books.

“Home Life Magazine” dated June 1989; and on pages 18-19 is my first article to ever be published in a national magazine.

I sat at my desk and began to read, not really remembering what I had written nineteen years ago.

The title of the article is “He Never Played With Me” and it’s about the sorry relationship I had with my earthly father.

As I continued to read, I began to cry. But as the tears continued to flow, I suddenly realized that I was no longer crying because of what I had written; they were brought on by my remembering the sorry relationship I had with my heavenly Father. And the question that popped out of my mouth was: “God, how could you have possibly forgiven me for all the crap I’ve done?”

And the answer came even before I had finished the question: Jesus.

Jesus is the answer. The blood He shed; the terrible pain He suffered; it was payment in full for all that crap I had done.

It had sounded like such a tough question but the answer was swift and simple: Jesus. He is the answer to everything.

Thank you, Lord, for paying my sin debt and setting me free. I will forever praise You and spread the word as far and wide as You will allow me. To God be the glory. Amen