My Bible

my NIV1 18  90determinedmore notesnotes n notesok notes

These are pictures of my NIV Study Bible. Top left shows the cover; it’s well-beaten and being held together with Duct tape.Top right shows the date that I purchased my Bible, January 18, 1990, while I was a student at the seminary in Ft. Worth, Texas. The second picture from top on left says “I am determined to live for the King”. It was quite easy for me to write that but it’s been all together different trying to live it. Being a Christian means you have two natures fighting for your attention; your Spiritual nature and your fleshly nature. Even with the Spirit of God within me, it isn’t always easy. Sometimes I am too weak and I fail to listen to the Spirit. But according to God’s Word, I ask forgiveness; He answers and  I move on.

The remaining three pictures show how I use my Bible; you can see how I scribble notes, underline and highlight. It’s been more than forty years  since I confessed Jesus Christ as my Lord and, in those forty years, I have owned and still own several Bibles including the Amplified and the Parallel Bibles. I have a huge book shelf full of books about the Bible and stories about Biblical times and cultures. I have the Bible on my pc and on my cell phone; I read and study my Bible every day; and here’s the reason for my writing this: Even though I own all these Bibles and other books, and even though I read and study my Bible every single day, and even though I have been doing this for these many years, I am still learning.

That’s right, every time I go into God’s word, I learn something new; I receive a new revelation. It might be a verse or passage that I have read a hundred times in the past but, there it is; something new. God’s Word is unlimited in it’s knowledge; you cannot get enough; never. That is why we all, who confess Jesus Christ as Lord, must read and study His Word on a constant, daily basis. Acts 17:11 says this: “Now the Bereans were of more noble character than the Thessalonians, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day…”

I don’t feel very noble; I’m just a servant but I know that I know that you can never go wrong when you hide the Word of God in your heart. If you are a believer and you don’t read the Scriptures every day, I want to challenge you to do so. I guarantee you that you will find your lifestyle changing… “therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation.” You cannot be “in Christ” if you are not in His Word. And once you become accustomed to searching the Scriptures on a daily basis, you will learn, as I have, that it is much easier to fight those nasty temptations that will come your way. That’s exactly what Jesus did in the wilderness, following His baptism. He was tempted mightily and He fought those temptations with Scripture. When Jesus says “follow Me” that’s one of the ways He’s talking about. Jesus knew the Scriptures and so should we.

There’s an old TV commercial I remember that said “try it, you’ll like it.” Take my advice and study the Word; try it, I think you’ll like it. God bless you brothers and sisters. I remain your faithful servant.

J C Corcoran

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